FS returns to Spazz for fourth year

Joe Pellegrino/Mixer<br />FS returns to Spazz Fest for their fourth time this year.

Joe Pellegrino/Mixer
FS returns to Spazz Fest for their fourth time this year.

By Rebekah Todd

After several years of participation, FS is excited to make their return to Spazz Fest, an annual music festival held in Greenville, in March. With a long history of gigs in the city and one ECU alumni in the band, the trio, comprised of Walter Stanley (guitar and vocals), Jake Glover (drums) and Josh Grady (bass guitar), is sure to bring a plethora of exciting tunes both new and old to the ears of their avid fans.

Q: Tell us about FS!

A: We all grew up in Wilson as close friends but are now located all throughout the state. Currently Walt lives in Durham, Josh in Greenville and Jake in Wilson. We’ve been playing in Raleigh for a long time and now have a supportive following in the city which we continue to build by playing there often. Only one member, Josh Grady, was a student at ECU and now an alumni with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. We have been a band since 2008 with the same lineup through the years. What brought us together in our youth was skateboarding. We would spend our afternoons after school skating. As we developed more interest in music those afternoons turned to practicing and learning our instruments together. We never played in any significant projects before FS but we are currently affiliated with other local acts. Walt plays guitar in Unifier, a dad-rock band based out of the triangle. Josh plays in Lorelei, a central NC death metal band.

Q: What genre best describes your music?

A: I would best describe FS’ genre as alternative rock with progressive tendencies. We have been compared to Coheed and Cambria, The Fall of Troy, and Breaking Benjamin; though we are disputing that last claim. The music we listen to regularly always has a heavy influence on our writing process at the time. We have all been listening to the album “Pink Lemonade” by Closure in Moscow. They are approaching rock music much differently than any other artist that I’ve heard. Walt has been on a heavy Tigran Hamasyan kick also. Jake always blasts UGK to keep his beats in check.

Q: What bands have you played with in the past?

A: We’ve played with plenty of bands over the years. Some of the larger acts that we enjoyed playing with are He is Legend, Finch, Maps & Atlases, Superheaven, and Tiny Moving Parts.

Q: How many albums have you released? Any in the works?

A: We’ve released two albums: one full length and one E.P. The full length, Music in General was our first official release in 2011 and it captured the variety of influence and playing styles that we take from. In 2013 we released “Cheers and Fears from the Past Year” and focused in on a particular sound and an original tuning that our guitarist came up with. These songs are easily our favorite that we have released. Currently we are recording a new album that will have an unexpected sound for anyone who’s listened to us before.

Q: How did you get involved with Spazz Fest?

A: We have been playing Spazz Fest for four years now. When we all lived together in Greenville Jeff Blinder and Spazz Presents helped find us a musical home in the town. Our relationship with Spazz Presents still flourishes and I hope we will continue to play Spazz Fest for years to come.

Q: What’s it like touring with FS?

A: We prefer to use the term “crusade” when we travel to play our music. We have done a few crusades together over the last couple years. Our music has brought us to Pittsburgh, Orlando, Gainesville and Atlanta to name a few of our favorite cities. As well, we have found a home away from home in Richmond and have one of our strongest followings in that city, along with Greenville and Raleigh. The funnest part of our crusades is getting to party in a different city every night. We had our vehicle and trailer broken down on our last crusade and managed to Tetris into a Scion xB and keep rolling. A big part about being on the road is overcoming all the obstacles along the way.

FS seems to have only grown in momentum since their last go-round with Spazz Fest. Their set will be held at Crave on March 18th starting at 6:30 p.m. They will share the night with bands including Foiler, First Marriage and Condolences. For more info on their music, fans can visit www.fsncband.bandcamp.com

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